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Custom work portfolio

This gallery illustrates the variety of work we are called upon to design, develop and manufacture by our clients.

Custom Fabrications are our speciality, whether it be a bench, handrail, Splash back, Range hood, feature wall, water feature, or even your own idea turned into reality we are here to help. From very Small jobs to large Commercial fit outs we are the one stop for all of your Stainless Steel needs.

We can turn your ideas into a reality, weather it be a small modification or a new product from the ground up we can provide professional advice and an outstanding finished product.

Custom work portfolio


Custom Services:

Benches, BBQ's and Rangehoods

Stainless Steel benches are the #1 choice when it comes to Durability and cleanliness, and it is the ONLY choice for Commercial Kitchens, and Commercial Food Preparation areas.

Stainless Steel comes in many types and styles and with its timeless looks you can't go wrong, take a look at our gallery at the bottom of the page or click into our Gallery Page for more Great Stainless Steel ideas for both Residential and Commercial purposes.

Stainless Steel Benches

Stainless Steel Pre-fabricated and Hand Made Bowls

See our vast range of High Quality Stainless Steel Hand Fabricated Bowls that have radius corners for easy cleaning and various waste sizes.

Pressed Bowls are easily welded into bench tops by either top mounting them or under mounting and welding onto the bench.
There are many shapes and sizes to choose from (full list of available shapes and sizes are available upon request) some of these shapes are Square, Oval, Rectangular or Circular.


Handrails and Balustrades

Handrails / Balustrades are a Custom service as no one job is the same,

There are many different combinations of wire rope, bar, fittings and fixings, post supports etc that can be used to get the job done, whilst giving you freedom of choice.

Handrails and Balustrades are used in both Commercial and Residential applications.

commercial and domestic Hand Rails and Balustrades


Custom Fabrications are our speciality, wether it be a small one off job, or something you would like more than one of, we can go through the design process with you and provide professional advice for your specific requirements every step of the way.

We will deliver on our promise of providing you with honest workmanship of the highest quality for both our Residential and Commercial clients.

Commercial and domestic repairs and design


Fittings, fixing, parts and pricing link:

Stainless Steel Components Product & Pricing Catalogue

Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel is a steel that simply Stains Less and therefore is not Stain Proof, various chemicals and substances can cause tea staining (looks like rust but will generally wipe off with little effort).

The 2 most commonly used Stainless Steels are 304 and 316, 304 grade being the most commonly used out of the 2, in general this is used for benches, spashbacks, rangehoods, handrails and almost anything else that does not have to be of a surgical grade or that will be submitted to salt & other harsh chemicals.

316 Grade is commonly called Surgical Grade Stainless Steel, and as the name suggests it is used for the manufacture of surgical instroments and in hospitals, this grade is also used near the sea and on boats due to its superior corrosion resistance.

If you are unsure what grade you require please call us and we will point you in the right direction.

Plain and Decorative stainless steel sheet

Ball Valves and Concentric reducers

Ball Valves, along with butterfly valves are part of the family of quarter turn valves.Ball valves are durable and widely used as they generally achieve a perfect shutoff even after years of disuse or service.

Ball valves are therefore an excellent choice for shut off applications (and are often preferred to gate valves for this purpose)

Ball Valves and Concentric reducers


Square Tube comes in a variety of sizes and wall thickness’, the standard finish is a Saturn polish, other finishes available upon request.

Tube Bends generally come in a 1.6mm wall thickness and come in a Saturn finish, upon request these can come in a polished finish also.

Tube Bends generally come in a 1.6mm wall thickness and come in a Saturn finish, upon request these can come in a polished finish also.

Round and square tube plus tubular bends

Round, Square and Angle

Flat bar comes in many sizes and thickness', flat bar is usually supplied in a mill finish (not machined Finish) but however can be Polished for your needs. Generally these come in a 4 metre length.

Round Bar can be Rolled into Rings or arches, bent at angles or sharpened for many uses, some of these include Gym Equipment, Hoops, Lightning Rods, and Hooks.

Stainless Steel Angle is available in many different sizes and thickness', also Angle is available where one side is longer than the other. Angle is typically at 90 degrees.

Bar - flat, round and angle

For additional information call 0424 331 457 / 0416 392 158 or email

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